Skincare Routine 2018

Over the course of the last few months I've completely changed my skincare routine as my previous one was no longer managing acne breakouts. In those few months I have found products that have made a huge difference to the quality of my skin. The biggest change that I made to my routine was cutting … Continue reading Skincare Routine 2018


My Top 5 Cookbooks

I absolutely love browsing through health blogs in search of new recipes to try out. It’s especially handy to turn to the internet for a recipe when you have only a few ingredients available in your kitchen. Although I love turning to my favourite food bloggers for inspiration, there’s nothing quite like flipping though a … Continue reading My Top 5 Cookbooks

Rainbow Salad Recipe

Hello again and Happy New Year! I can’t believe how quickly Christmas went by and that we are already nine days into 2018. It’s great to see so many people trying to eat healthier and exercise more as part of their new year’s resolutions. My personal resolutions are to eat different coloured wholefoods and to … Continue reading Rainbow Salad Recipe

Acne: A Spot of Bother

I’ll never forget my very first experience with a blemish. I was ten years old and upon rising to get ready for school, I passed the bathroom mirror and noticed a big red mark on my chin. My first response was to poke it with my finger which I quickly regretted as I winced with … Continue reading Acne: A Spot of Bother